Heavy Hydrocarbons

Heavy Hydrocarbons

Heavy Hydrocarbons

Heavy hydrocarbons

Heavy hydrocarbons are obtained from the combination of substances with a flash point above 40 degrees Celsius, such as 400 family solvents, raffinate with industrial oils. This hydrocarbon is also known by names such as gas oil or diesel fuel and is in the range of C14 to C25. Also, the active groups of this product are paraffinic, naphthenic and aromatic, whose viscosity is approximately 840 kg/m3.

First, raw materials of heavy hydrocarbon as intermediate fuel from the refinery with a boiling temperature of 150 to 400 degrees Celsius, such as non-flammable solvents or raffinate, iso-recycle HAB, etc., are transported by tankers and discharged into a 300 thousand liter tank. do Then it is injected by the oil lines required by the production line into the tanks with the ratio of formulas calculated in the laboratory. It is completely mixed by using special pumps. At the end, quality control is performed on the production material by the loading lines and it is loaded into the transport tankers.

The production of heavy hydrocarbons, especially heavy paraffinic hydrocarbons such as oils or paraffins with a high molecular weight, is considered as a by-product, and due to the low octane number, hydrocarbons C10 and above cannot be used as gasoline, but due to their long Hydrocarbon chains are very important in the synthesis of detergents.

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February 18,2023

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