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Vahedi Kian Company has been active in the field of bitumen and petrochemical materials since 1989 and in the continuation of this company’s activity to respond to specific customers in the target market in order to produce, package and export all kinds of bitumen and petroleum products of Hamon Gostar Naft Bakhtar Company in 2015/ 03/18 from the merger of a commercial unit of Kian and a foreign investor with a ten-year history, it began to operate according to market needs and having target markets in the countries of Georgia, Afghanistan, Qatar, India and China, regularly increasing production lines and increasing facilities The factory has been upgraded from the production of bitumen to the production of all kinds of hydrocarbons. With unlimited production capacity per year, 100% of its products are exported.
This company located in Segzai industrial town of Isfahan has the best technology in the world with German and environmentally friendly technical equipment. The laboratory of this company, having the best brands of laboratory equipment, provides excellent technical testing, due to which the product of this company competes with government refineries and has very high quality. Hamon Gostar Naft Bakhtar has a very high reputation in the country’s customs due to providing high quality products. The process of production of products from the production cycle to the end of declaration in customs and export is in accordance with the law and without any defects and violations, and it has approval from all supervisory bodies, including environment, standards, customs, industry and mining, etc.
This company is trying to invest in Sistan and Baluchistan province and set up a direct sea transit line in order to export to all parts of the world, considering the high capacity and demand of customers from Persian Gulf countries and neighboring countries, as well as the fact that its CEO is a native.
Areas of work: Hamon Gostar Naft Bakhtar’s field of activity is the production, packaging and export of all kinds of bitumen and petroleum products with a production capacity of 89,500 tons per year, and 100% of its products are exported:
Kinds of hard bitumen, soft bitumen, with medium softness point Heavy hydrocarbons from blending (free from any subsidized products) light hydrocarbons obtained from blending (free from any subsidized products) Steel and iron containers with a capacity of more than 20 liters Bitumen packing in 190, 240, kg barrels
The equipment of Hamon Gostar Naft Bakhtar company in the production line includes: production tower, preparation tank, two raw material storage tanks, one product storage tank, material discharge basin The light and heavy hydrocarbon production line includes: two storage tanks for raw materials, a blending tower, and a product tank Product packaging: The production line of metal and steel containers includes: machines for the production of metal barrels for the packaging line from rolled sheet coils, including sheet cutting, presses, screw rolls, soldering, etc.
Two floors of an office building equipped with a professional laboratory for the analysis of hydrocarbons, bitumen and petrochemical materials approved by the Standard Organization Technical production facilities with imported German parts A warehouse for all kinds of metal barrels and a warehouse for finished products Currently, with the participation of real shareholders, in order to increase the production line, using fully automatic technology with a new method, paying government duties and being a leader in all stages, including being a leader as a green industry (non-pollution), standardizing the products and also being equipped. The production line and quality control laboratory with the best Italian and German devices, which are engineered by the best Iranian engineers, are one of the most important strengths of this company.
This production unit, by being steadfast in the health and transparency of trade and commercial affairs, has caused a change in the implementation process of commodity exchange and value added and standardized organizations, and it can be safely said that it has flawlessly stepped on the right path and in this way, all the steps have been completed. He has brought it to perfection and started entrepreneurship with big investment and without using government facilities



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Bakhtar Oil is a leading global Bitumen supplier. We export different grades of Bitumen and Oil

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